Honda EU2200i Generator Review

Honda gas power generator

Upgraded Version of EU2000i: This Honda EU2200i is the upgraded version of EU2000i in terms of power, performance, ease of use, and maintenance.

Engine: It is powered by the 121cc Honda GXR120 engine.

Power Output: This portable inverter generator provides clean and reliable power to your appliances and electronics. It delivers 10% more power than the previous EU2000i model. The unit generates 2200 watts of peak power and 1800 watts of continuous power.

Fuel Tank Capacity and Runtime: With only a 0.95-gallon fuel tank, it offers 4 to 9.6 hours of runtime. This runtime is slightly less than the Yamaha EF2200iS that offers up to 10.5 hours of runtime. But with a 1.24-gallon tank, you can expect this runtime.

Honda EU2200i is featured with Eco-throttle that allows the engine to change its speed according to the load applied. Unlike traditional generators, its engine doesn’t run at 3600 RPM all the time. This speed variation saves fuel by up to 40%.

Noise Level: Honda EU2200i is one of the quietest generators. At 25% load, it operates at 48 dBA, and at rated load, it operates at 57 dBA. But the minimum noise level that Yamaha EF2200iS produces is 57 dBA.

Parallel Capable: You can also link another EU2200i to generate more power at the time of need.

Start System: It only comes with a recoil start system.

Power Outlets: If we talk about its power outlets, then there is one 12V 8.3A DC outlet that is only for charging the battery. Also, there are two 120V 15A AC household outlets.

Safety Features: The unit features different safety features that make it a reliable product to use. First, there is a low-oil shutoff feature that turns the engine off when it senses lower oil levels. The oil alert indicator is also there on the control panel.

Second, it has a fuel shutoff valve that allows the generator’s engine to run without fuel. This running without fuel prevents stale gas related issues.

Third, there is an electronic circuit breaker. All three power outlets are wired to this breaker. It protects against both the overload and short circuit. The current through the line is continuously monitored, and when the overcurrent flows, the breaker gets tripped.

The overload alarm indicator is available on the control panel. Also, there is a push-button through which you can easily reset the circuit.

Ease of Use: The unit is also easy to use and maintain. Its light effort pull-start system makes it easy to start the engine. Also, in cold weather conditions, the unit doesn’t take time to start.

Moreover, you can easily and cleanly change the oil because of the large spout and oil drain gutter.

Weight and Warranty: It comes with a 3-year limited warranty and weighs 47 pounds. 

Pros: It is not only the quietest portable inverter generator but also versatile. You can easily meet your power needs with this highly portable generator. It is perfect for tailgates and camping as it is highly portable. Also, the generator is easy to use and maintain. And its 3-year warranty enhances its worth and value.

Cons: It has a smaller fuel tank size. Also, it is expensive as well. Moreover, there is no RV-ready outlet and USB port.


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Can we connect EU2000i in parallel with EU2200i?

Yes, you can, but not all the EU2000i model generators can be linked in parallel with EU2200i. Only EAAJ-2017305 and later and EACT-1000001 and later models can be connected in parallel.

Also, you can link another EU2200i or EU2200i Companion generator to produce more power.

Which type of oil do you use in a Honda EU2200i?

It is recommended to use SAE 10W-30 oil in your Honda EU2200i generator to keep your generator running for a longer period.

What is the cost of the Honda EU2200i generator?

It is quite an expensive unit that comes with a price tag of more than $1000.

Its price may vary from store to store and location to location.

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