Generac GP5500 Gas Powered Portable Generator – Review

Generac GP5500Generac gas powered generator


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Weight, Warranty, and Certifications: This portable gas-powered generator from Generac comes with a 2-year limited warranty and weighs around 180 pounds. But this model 5939 is not CARB or CSA compliant, so you can’t use it in the state of California.

Portability: The unit is quite easy to move. Its fold-down handle and 9.5 inches never-flat tires make transportation easier.

Engine: It is powered by a Generac 14HP, 389cc OHV engine protected with a cast iron sleeve. The engine also has splash lubrication that is for increasing the generator’s life.

Power Output: It produces 6875 watts of peak power and 5500 watts of continuous power. We can compare it with WEN 56551 that has less surge power and running power of 5500 and 5000 watts, respectively.

Fuel Tank Size and Runtime: The generator comes with a 7.2-gallon fuel tank that gives 10 hours of runtime at 50% load. The tank is featured with a fuel gauge that helps you to keep an eye on the fuel levels. But if we compare it with WEN 56551, then with only a 6.5-gallon fuel tank, it will give you 11 hours of runtime at 50% load.

Start System: It features an electric start system.

Noise Level: It is a noisy generator that operates at 71 dBA. The unit has a low-tone muffler for noise-free operation, but it is not the effective one.

Control Panel: Its control panel is simple. There is no other thing except the power outlets and an hour meter.

There are a total of five power outlets. Four of them are the 120V AC household outlets, and one is the 120/240V twist-lock outlet. All these power outlets are protected with covers. Other than power outlets, the hour meter tells when the machine’s maintenance is due.

Safety Features: Generac GP5500 features a low-oil shutdown sensor that turns the engine off when it senses that the oil levels are dangerously low. This shutdown feature is for the safety of your generator’s engine. But there is no indicator light to tell you the reason behind the engine shutoff.

Also, all these power outlets are circuit breaker protected for extra protection.

Pros: This Generac GP5500 is a perfect choice for job sites, homes, and tailgates. If you are finding a mid-sized portable unit that is durable, efficient, and powerful, then this unit is ideal for you. Also, it is quite cheaper than other units having the same power and performance.

Cons: There is no DC outlet, and the unit is a bit noisy. Also, its control panel is very basic.


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Which type of oil should you use in Generac GP5500?

The type of oil depends on the temperature of the place where you are living. The oil that is suitable to use in cold temperatures can be used in warmer temperatures. But the oil recommended for warmer temperatures can’t be used in cold temperatures. Therefore, it is suggested to use synthetic 5W-30 oil that is suitable for all temperatures.

Is it possible to improve the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) performance of the Generac GP5500?

No, it is not possible to improve the THD performance of the Generac GP5500. The THD rating of this generator is above 5% that is not suitable for sensitive electronics. If you want to get clean and reliable power, then you should either go for XP Series or automatic home standby generators.

Where is the spark plug located?

You will find the spark plug under the fuel tank and on top of the engine. To have easy access to the spark plug, use the left side of the generator.

It is necessary to remove the spark plug once in a year to increase the life and performance of the engine.

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