7 Best 5000 Watt Generators – Top Picks

A 5000-watt generator is something we can say a reliable power source that can meet your everyday power needs. No matter whether you want a generator for your home, office, or recreational use; a 5000-watt generator produces enough power to run your multiple appliances and power tools at the same time.

So, if you are going to buy a 5000-watt generator but don’t know which of them are the best then there is no need to worry at all. In this article, we have reviewed the seven best 5000-watt generators that include both inverter and conventional generators.

Best 5000 Watt Generators


Product Name



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Westinghouse lightweight power station

WEN 56551 Gas Powered Portable Generator

  • 182.5 pounds weight

  • 2-year limited warranty

  • low-oil shutdown

Champion power station with 439cc engine

Champion Power Equipment 100519

  • 12.5 hours at 25% load

  • 301cc 4-stroke engine

  • 69 dBA decibel

Honda power station with 52 dBA noise level

JEGS 86065 Portable Generator

  • 9 hours at 50% load

  • 68 dBA noise level

  • 2 years warranty

CAT power station with 420cc engine

Pulsar PG5250B Portable Generator

  • 4-gallon fuel tank

  • solid steel frame

  • 12 hours at 50% load

Sportsman power station with long runtime

Champion Power Equipment 100496

  • 292cc single-cylinder OHV engine

  • 74 dBA noise level

  • 9 hrs runtime at 50% load

Smarter tools ST power station with 6750 watts output

DuroMax XP5500EH Portable Generator

  • 225cc, 7.5 HP engine

  • 4-gallon gasoline tank

  • super quiet muffler

Briggs & Stratton power station with 10,000 watts output

Generac 5939 GP5500 Generator

  • 389cc Generac OHV engine

  • 7.2 gallons fuel tank

  • low-tone muffler

1. WEN 56551 Gas Powered Portable Generator – Heaviest 5000-watt Generator

WEB 56551 Generator

Weight and Warranty: This WEN 56551 is one of the best generators that produce 5000 watts of power. Its weight is 182.5 pounds and is backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

Portability: There are two fold-down handles that help you to pull the unit easily. Also, two never-flat tires make mobility easier.

Engine and Power Capacity: It has a powerful 389cc, 13HP OHV engine that generates 5500 watts of peak power and 5000 watts of continuous power.

Start System: It only features a recoil start system. But only with a single pull, you will be able to turn the generator on.

Fuel Tank and Runtime: If we focus on its fuel tank size then it 6.5 gallons. With this fuel tank, you will be able to get 11 hours of continuous runtime at 50% load.

Safety: The unit has many safety features. There is an automatic voltage regulator for the safety of your electronics. A circuit breaker prevents surge damage, low-oil shutdown protects the engine, and a USFS approved spark arrestor keeps you and your environment safe and protected.

Control Panel: Its main panel is small but accommodates four 120V 20A receptacles, a 12V DC receptacle, and a twist-lock 120/240V receptacle. Other than power outlets, there are power indicator lights that tell users which of the outlets are on. There is also a digital hour counter that keeps you updated about the maintenance schedule.

Certification: It is also an EPA III-approved product and offers excellent customer service support.

See it running below:

2. Champion Power Equipment 100519 Open Frame Inverter Generator – Expensive 5000-watt Generator

Champion power generator

Weight and Warranty: After WEN, Champion Power Equipment generators are best. So, if you want a 5000-watt Champion inverter generator, then this 100519 model number is the perfect choice for you. It only weighs 132 pounds and is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

Certifications: It is an EPA-certified and a CARB-compliant product.

Start System: This generator only features a recoil start system. But its cold start technology ensures easy starts even in icy conditions.

Engine and Power Capacity: It comes with a 301cc 4-stroke engine that produces 6250 watts of peak power and 5000 watts of continuous power.

Fuel Tank and Runtime: If we talk about its runtime, then it is of 12.5 hours at 25% load. When you have a full 4-gallon fuel tank, you will be able to get this runtime. And as the load increases, the runtime will decrease.

Decibel Rating: The 69 dBA decibel rating is because of its Quiet technology. You and your neighbors will surely not get disturbed during night sleep.

Control Panel: Its control panel has four GFCI protected 120V household receptacles, one 120/240V 30A twist-lock outlet, and a 12V DC outlet that includes battery-charging cables and a dual USB adapter. There is also an intelligence voltmeter that helps you to monitor operating hours, voltage, and frequency.

Maintenance and Safety: You can also easily and neatly change oil with the help of a quick drain oil tube. Moreover, its low-oil shutoff sensor protects the engine from damages.

3. JEGS 86065 Portable Generator – Best Budget 5000-watt Generator

JEGS power generator

Fuel Tank and Runtime: This JEGS 86065 portable generator has the same 4-gallon fuel tank capacity like the Champion 100519 and its runtime is almost similar, 9 hours at 50% load.

Engine and Power Capacity: But its engine is less powerful. With 223cc engine displacement, a 7.5HP OHV engine produces 5000 starting watts and 4250 running watts.

Portability and Warranty: It is a beautifully designed portable generator that has a durable tubular steel frame. Its long handle and two big wheels make transportation easier. It is also backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

Decibel Rating: Its noise level is 68 dBA which makes it a less noisy unit. Its specially designed muffler reduces noise levels, and the USDA-approved spark arrestor makes it a safe unit to use in parks and forests.

Control Panel: If we focus on its power outlets, then there is a 120V (L5-30R) receptacle, one 120V/240V L14-30R receptacle, and two 5-20R household receptacles. All of these power outlets are well covered for safety and protection.

Safety: There is an automatic voltage regulator that regulates the voltage. There is also a low-oil alert that notifies you when the oil levels go down. Moreover, its low-oil shutdown sensor turns the engine off when you fail to notice the low-oil indicator. Furthermore, you have a digital hour meter, as well.

Weight: Other than this, its weight is only 130 pounds, so if you have to lift this unit, then two persons can do that with a little effort.

4. Pulsar PG5250B Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Switch and Go Technology – Lightest 50000-watt Generator

Pulsar dual fuel generator

Power Capacity: Pulsar offers a dual fuel portable generator in the form of PG5250B. It uses gas and LPG to power your appliances. On gas, it produces 5250 watts of peak power and 4250 watts of continuous power. But on LPG, its peak power reduces to 4750 watts and running power goes down to 3850 watts.

Fuel Tank and Runtime: It also has a 4-gallon fuel tank like the Champion 100519 and JEGS 86065, but it offers 12 hours of runtime at 50% load.

Portability: Its fold-down handle is easy to grip so that a person can pull the generator easily. Also, its two never-flat tires help in moving the unit from one place to another.

Engine: The unit has a powerful 224cc 4-stroke OHV engine that features an air-cooled cooling system. And a durable steel frame with powder coating protects it from the weather.

Fuel Selector: The most appealing thing about this generator is its Switch & GO Technology that allows you to easily switch between the two fuel sources. Change the fuel source while the generator is in operation.

Control Panel: Its central panel covers almost the half-front area of the generator. It features one 120V/240V twist-lock outlet, two 120V AC household outlets, and one RV port of 30A. Other than power outlets, you have an hour meter, circuit breaker, an engine switch, and a fuel-switching knob.

Safety: There is also a low-oil indicator and a low-oil shutdown feature.

Warranty and Noise Level: But the Pulsar PG5250B is only backed by a 1-year limited warranty. Also, it is a noisy unit with a 78 dBA decibel rating.

5. Champion Power Equipment 100496 – Higher Decibel Rating

Champion power generator 5000 watts

Engine and Power Capacity: This Champion Power Equipment model 100496 is different from the 100519 models. It is a conventional generator whereas the 100519 is an inverter generator. Its engine is slightly less powerful than is 292cc single-cylinder OHV Champion engine but produces the same peak power of 6250 watts and continuous power of 5000 watts.

Fuel Tank and Runtime: If we focus on its fuel tank size capacity, it is 5.7 gallons. With this fuel tank size, you can get 9 hours of runtime at 50% load.

Decibel Rating: It is also a little bit noisier than the Champion 100519. It produces 74 dBA noise levels from a distance of 23 feet.

Start System: This generator comes with a recoil start system. But its cold start technology makes the unit start easily in extremely cold conditions.

Safety: The push-to-reset circuit breakers and a low-oil shutoff sensor ensure safety. Also, an intelligence voltmeter allows you to monitor voltage, frequency, and operating hours. Moreover, you have a built-in Volt Guard that is basically a surge protector that keeps your sensitive equipment and appliances free from the damages caused by voltage spikes.

Control Panel: Its power outlets include four 120V 20A household outlets that are GFCI protected and a 120/240V 30A locking outlet.

Certifications and Warranty: It is also CARB compliant, and EPA certified. You also have a 3-year limited warranty and lifetime technical support for free.

Portability: In addition, its foldaway handle is easy to install, and its big wheels make movement easy.

6. DuroMax XP5500EH Portable Dual Fuel Generator – Best under $550

DuroMax Dual Fuel generator

Engine: Another dual fuel 5000-watt portable generator in our list is the DuroMax XP5500EH. It comes with a 225cc, 7.5 HP, DuroMax OHV engine that produces more output power on both fuel sources as compared to the Pulsar PG5250B.

Power Capacity: On gas, it produces 5500 watts of peak power and 4500 watts of continuous power. And on propane, it generates 5225 peak watts and 4275 running watts.

Start System: The unit features both the electric and recoil start systems. You can turn your generator on through any method at your convenience.

Fuel Tank and Runtime: Its almost 4-gallon gasoline tank offers 8.92 hours runtime at 50% load that is less than the runtime offered by Pulsar PG5250B. And with propane, you will be able to get 7.63 hours of runtime at 50% load. The suggested tank size for LPG is 20 gallons.

Decibel Rating: If we compare the noise levels, then this DuroMax is much quieter than Pulsar. Its 69 dBA volume level is because of the 4-point motor mounts and super quiet muffler. Also, its idle control feature reduces noise as well as saves your fuel.

Control Panel: Its power panel has one 120/240V 30A twist-lock outlet and two 120V 20A household outlets. Other than power outlets, you have circuit breakers, a voltmeter, and a low-oil indicator.

Certifications and Warranty: It is also EPA certified and CARB compliant. Moreover, its 3-year limited warranty makes it a worthy product.

7. Generac 5939 GP5500 Gas Powered Portable Generator – Largest Fuel Tank

Generac gas powered generator

Weigh and Warranty: The last but not the least 5000-watt generator is the Generac GP5500. It weighs around 180 pounds and comes with a 2-year limited warranty. It is an affordable and reliable unit to use.

Engine and Power Capacity: This generator is powered by a 389cc Generac OHV engine that is quite powerful. You will get 6875 watts of peak power and 5500 watts of continuous power.

Fuel Tank and Runtime: Its 7.2 gallons fuel tank offers 10 hours of runtime. This runtime is at 50% load. As the load increases, its runtime decreases.

Portability: Its fold-down curved handle and two big never-flat tires make movement easy.

Decibel Rating: The unit is noisy, for sure. Its low-tone muffler reduces some noise, but still, it makes noise during operation. You cannot ship this unit to California as it is not CARB or CSA approved.

Control Panel: Its power panel has four 120V AC outlets and one 120/240V outlet. All these circuit breaker protected power outlets are covered. There is also an hour meter available.

Safety: If we talk about safety features, then it has a low-oil shutdown sensor. This sensor senses the lower levels of oil and shuts off the engine to keep it protected from damages.

Buyer’s Guide

If you don’t know which of the things you have to look at when selecting a 5000-watt generator, then you are at the right place. In this buyer’s guide section, we are going to highlight those things.

Type of Generator

The first thing which you have to do when selecting a 5000-watt generator is to decide which type of generator you want to buy. You can either go for a conventional or an inverter unit.

An inverter generator provides more clean and reliable power to your appliances and electronics. It is fuel-efficient as well makes less noise.

On the other hand, a traditional generator makes more noise, and it is not fuel-efficient, but it is less expensive than an inverter generator.

Single Fuel or Dual Fuel

It is also necessary to determine whether you want a single fuel or a dual fuel generator. It is better to go for a dual fuel generator as it offers you flexibility and freedom of fuel selection. If you have easy access to both fuel options, then a dual fuel generator is the right choice.

LPG is cheaper than gas, so if it is widely available in your area, then it is a good sign for you. Also, propane is more efficient as compared to gas, and you can store propane as much as you can and as long as you can.


Weight of the unit also needs to be considered. If you are going to take your unit outside often, then you should focus on its weight and portability options.

Fuel Tank Capacity and Runtime

Fuel tank capacity also needs to be considered when purchasing a 5000-watt generator. If you are going to run your generator occasionally and for short periods, then a unit with a small tank of 4 gallons is enough for you. But if you are going to use your generator regularly and for more extended periods then more than 6-gallon fuel tank is necessary to buy.

The runtime of a generator differs from unit to unit. Fuel-efficient generators offer more runtime with the same size fuel tank than a non-fuel-efficient unit.  Also, the load changes the runtime. A particular unit will offer different runtime at 25% load and different runtime at 50% and 100% load.

Noise Level

It is also needed to focus on the noise level of your selected product. If you are buying a generator for outdoor activities, then you can forget the noise level. But to use a generator at home with close neighbors, your generator must be noise-free.

Power Outlets

Make sure that the power panel of your generator has the same number and type of power outlets according to the number and type of appliances or electronics you are going to power through your generator.


Your unit must have an automatic voltage regulator. Also, a low-oil shutdown feature is a must. Some units feature a built-in Volt guard to prevent surge power damages. Also, your power outlets must be well covered. Moreover, you must have a spark arrestor in your generator to freely use it outdoors.


A unit with a longer warranty is always suggested to buy. Before giving money to the seller, make sure that your generator is backed by at least a 2-year warranty.

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